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  1. Hi everyone, looking for a GTS. If you come across any or have any lobang... please PM me. Anyone knows whats the brand new price of the GTS300
  2. All the best to all Sportster Riders here......
  3. Jack here. Weida, would appreciate if you could whatsapp or sms me as I lost oyur number. THis is pertaining to the sale of the harley. Thanks. If anyone knows him please inform him. He stays in Jurong and rides currently a matt black 2001 super Four.
  4. Wei Da, you came and view the bike yesterday. Would appreciate you to message me again as I lost your number due to my phone kenna water. PLease sms me again.
  5. Fellows I really need to move my bike. Wife making noise about having bike and not riding Harley 883L (Carb Model) COE till 25 Jan 2015 (another about 1.5 years to go) Renewed Road Tax for another 6 Months till January Servicing always done in Combine Motors 2nd Owner (1 transfer) Mileage 16K+ Engine Wise - Smooth and good. No repairs needed FOR SURE. Cosmetic Outlook - Needs to clean up a bit. Make me reasonable offers.... I need to sell. m overseas.
  6. Anybody organizing a morning ride to senai. Coffee and back. Need orientation to cross customs and riding correctly on the highway
  7. Ninja lite next time you planning a short ride for kopi. Let me know in advance. Never travel out of SG on bike and need orientation. What speed do you travel on? What gear must I have? I just change back to my original mufflers and now can ride anytime. Too bad no legal exhaust for my harley as it is carb...
  8. Curious to know, why you want to sell then still fit all the new parts? Wheres the viewing?
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