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  1. I'm not longer with the GS gorup thus I can no longer assist to add any one in anymore.
  2. Do take note that currently there is a recall for all GS and GSA that were make from 2014 onwards for the fork issue so if you are getting a used GS, you better get an agent bike so the upgrade parts will be cover. If PI then you are on your own on this fork issue.
  3. Yes, np problem with local traffic even at peak hours. Why?
  4. If any of the GS riders down here wish to meet with more GS riders in Singapore. Pls pm me, our GS group currently have 170 plus local GS boys and girls riders in it. We do organize our GS road trips up North. Btw, we are NOT affiliated with PML or BMWMCS. Please drop me a pm and I will get back to you. Thank youí ½í±í ¼í¿¼í ½í¸¸
  5. Thank you pal. I'll pm you directly í ½í±í ¼í¿¼í ½í¸¸
  6. Lol, it's not the bikes but the riders bah. BMW bikes are very common liao liked anyone also can afford it liao. Even have FoodPanda/UberEat etc BMW riders. I still remember last time I got to save so many years before I can afford one í ½í¸¹
  7. Hi,i just got a pre-owned '11 GS n a lone GS rider. Can u add me to your group. My hp no. 81128231. Thz bud.

  8. Hi, can u add me to GS chat group, I'm riding a 2005 version with supermotard set up.... My hp is 96275464. Thank you.

  9. hi bro, can add me into the list?



  10. Sorry to reply your message at such a late time. I did not get the notification from the inbox. Anyway I will be adding you in soon. Sorry for the waiting.

  11. Hi I am a new1200 gsa owner. Just bought the red one at Looi's motor. My number is 87773328. Charlie. Please add me to gsa group. Thank .

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