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  1. i no expert in performance things so correct me n forgive me as i think the throttle control kinda stuff http://www.e-revmotorsports.com.sg/Free%20Power%20S%20Drive%20Throttle%20Controller%20(Slim).jpg don't seems to suits our ride as we are drive by wire unless ur ride is diff as they are for E throttle type made (correct me if i may wrong) while it seems to me it control e throttle body valve opening while i doubt there will be much gain in response in compare wif eg: (bore throttle body + Piggy Back Tuned + CAI + Exhaust) while i source e scooby forum n got this post fr one forum me
  2. For those who wana to noe who Benny fr Dynotechnica here u go btw waa Korea Phantom of e Power
  3. try email hamet to ask him whether Yahoo or hotmail can join in or not.. btw i heard fr one of e old member in the fourm tht he uses hotmail to register one
  4. ooh i think SG Batman/Fatman can't fit into e categories of the marvel hero.. marble hero maybe
  5. Batman returns... to be extact maybe..
  6. ooH maybe Batman on the rush to attend to others help..
  7. wht he did this time catches the attention...?
  8. I manage to got thru after i email to hamet as i registered n waited for 1wk + try using ur own paid mail like Singnet or Pac Net Email add to register it, as it works for mine. It will prompt u to wait for the Mod to activate ur account well if after 1wk no reply of ur account activated then email hamet like wht i did. hope it helps
  9. Hatu everywhere yeah.... haha:cheeky:
  10. Hapi New Yr to all Bro n sis.... Huat Ahhhh!!!!
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