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  1. Hi bro, what do you mean by Monster WhatsApp group?
  2. I'm not in a rush to sell the bike to shop or individual rider. I can trade with Ducati Class 2 Monster. High Coe quota premium $7200 paid so if you ride for few years and decided to scrap it, you still can take back cash from balance coe unused around $7200/10 years = $720 per year x years of balance coe. More pictures can be found in my Carousell listing under Buddhafollower. Regular maintenance, wash and polish. Serious buyer feel free to nego with me. Don’t be shy... * 19 Oct Motul 300v & Engine Clean, Engine ice coolant, Hi-Flo oil filter, wash air filter. * 20 O
  3. Hi, Just renewed COE! I'm not in a rush to sell the bike to shop or individual rider. I can trade with Ducati Class 2 bike. * This is ABS model * Bike is stocked except cosmetic. I don’t modify engine stuffs * KNN air filter / DID racing gold chain $250 / Spy 2-way alarm * Only pump highest grade fuel eg. V-power * Chevron fuel injector system cleaner every 3 months * Regular servicing every 3 months or 3000km Motul V300 / Iridium spark plug / Honda original or KNN oil filter * I may transfer current number plate to another bike * Bike is still powerful. Most wear and tear part
  4. Hi Bro, I just renewed the Coe today (15 Jul 18) and got the bike 5 years ago. No accident under my care for 5 years. I always try to give the best for my bike mainly to take care of the engine. Outlook wise I can say at least 8/10. Engine is still powerful. I will continue riding it until I found replacement, thanks. ** I may transfer the licence plate FBC XXXX to another bike ABS model Regular engine oil (Motul V300) change every 3000km Oil Filter either Original Honda or KNN NGK or Denso Iridium spark plugs No modification to engine..stocked bike except cosmetic change Pump t
  5. Hi bro, how did u deactivate HISS?

  6. Hi bro, just to check with you. Without the chip bike wont start...how did you ride your bike to the shop? Deactivate HISS?

  7. Bro...whats your headlight? Tks

  8. Hi, just bought stebel nautilus for my gilera st200. can u do the installation for me? can do the installation around Fu lu Shou Complex. sms 90072117 thanks.

  9. bro, where did u get your ST200 n how much otr with freebies?

  10. hi, im interested..sms 90072117 thanks.

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