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  1. you da man!! wash on sunday evening, den Mon I take bus to work! if your're mileage is around 40k, high chance its valve clearance time. Regardless, should go to a trusted mech n just check.
  2. mileage about 40K km, signs are loss of power, noisy engine (like marbles in a tin), crappy mileage.
  3. pls don't!! it'll rain for 3days n 3nites!!
  4. krabi once, phuket once. Dats all my experience..hehe.. plan to go up again, but dunno wen. Riding into those places is great! Will never forget it. Completely different from riding in msia.
  5. That was on the NSH highway on my way back from Krabi. R&R closed we had to go to the next one. In SG average is about 210-220. Unless you are mostly city riding with a lot of start stops. Then it can drop to about 170 - 200km. Most new generation CL2 bikes will average around 15-17km per liter. A bit less is normal. Also depends on how you ride. Highway mileage will be different.
  6. cuaca gini.. ade chance IC tengah tahan mater
  7. abt 75km (avg speed 90km/h) 0L left, bike freewheeled to pump. Pumped 18.5L (FZ1S 2006)
  8. ade pelik skit..ko nak vibrator buat pe? butt plug?
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