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  1. Hi Collins, and anyone else interested. The Moto Guzzi Clutch was originally designed for - and used in Fiat cars. It is virtually indestructable, as is the rest of the engine. Shoot! it was designed 50 years ago and has survived with only modernising upgrades. EFI, 4 valves per cylinder on some models,....... There are plenty of Guzzis in the USA that have done over 300,000 MILES without needing a top end rebuild or clutch replacement. The Guzzi engine is fantastic. Just love both of mine, a 940cc Bellagio and an 1100 Jackal. Now keen to own a more modern 8 valver, or an old Sport 1100 carby
  2. I'm going home to Australia in 2018. If I can't find anyone who wants to adopot my California Jackal or my Bellagio Cafe Racer, thy'l be going home with me. Anyone one interested whats app me on 98378637. Understand though, these bikes are not for sale, unless I get offers I can't refuse. I LOVE them both to bits and will be happy to ship them home, though it would be less hassle to buy replacement there, Cheaper, and more fun customising................ Here's what they look like at present. what it looked like half way here....... (Like a Ducati Monster,............... only cooler!)
  3. Hi guys. I'm an Aussie, moving back home next year and looking for a new home for my V1100cc California Jackal Bobber. I can take it home, but I could find one there for about the same price as I've invested plus cost of shipping this bike home to Australia. I think it would be a great loss to Singapore bikers if the ONLY Moto Guzzi California Jackal Bobber left these shores. Please whats app me if you are seriously interested in this bike. 98378637. If you are looking for another model Guzzi, I might let my Bellagio Cafe Racer go too, or put you onto the SG Guzzi Group, who might have the s
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]340663[/ATTACH] Moto Guzzi looking for a new home. I am looking for a new home for my two Moto Guzzi bikes. One is a Bellagio Cafe Racer, looks just like a V7 Racer but with a 940cc short stroke engine that is an absolute adrenaline rush to ride and absolutely gorgeous to look at. It has 75 horsepower, 25 horses more than a V7 Racer!, fully adjustable front forks and rear monoshock suspension on a single sided swingarm, Clip on handlebars, Polished Alloy bullet signals, folding, fully adjustable levers, K&N Pod filters, Chrome tank, Custom stainless mudguard, Hugger
  5. Fast, exciting and ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL CB750 Four Cafe Racer, Super 4 Nighthawk 750cc. Faster, lighter and better looking than the younger 2002 model cb750 that Ive test ridden! 8 years of COE remaining - Expires May 2013 Road tax til 23rd march 2016 A labour of love that I regretfully offer for sale to finance a new project bike. Every nut and bolt replaced with stainless steel allen bolts. Tail light and tail fairing from cb400 super sport with custom made (by me) side covers to suit. NEW chain and sprockets, rear tyre, in the last month. Recently replaced clutch, custom cafe
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