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  1. I think what's bothering almost every motorcycle enthusiast now is the hike in bike prices due to the new ARF policy. 100% additional fees on OMVs above $10k prices many out of the big bike market. In fact, 50% additional on anything with an OMV above $5k prices quite a few out of any "decent" bikes out there! This is in the name pf progressivity? Pray tell, how is it that we have progressed when many a friend is considering DOWNgrading to more affordable alternatives?
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply friend! Yeah, I know. I kinda recognised your nick and avatar from my MCF days. Haha! I've been a road-user for 20 years as well, but have since given up driving, and took to the riding instead. For me it's like FINALLY! I've got myself in the wind! Had to drive last time due to family objections (you know how parents are with bikes right?!), but now that I've moved out and live more or less independently, I think I'm entitled to do what I want. Which is ride a Harley Davidson! I still have a Harley t-shirt which I've kept from my secondary school days... Ye
  3. Hiya! Thanks for your reply! WoW! So taLL! I'm short mate, like barely 1.7m, how sad! Haha! So yep, many of those scramblers & GS bikes are beyond my reach...literally! I like drag bars. I've currently got a bobbed-out Intruder 400, great riding stance and smooth mechanics but bumpy as hell and highly illegal. So yes, I'd like to change things but it has to be within the boundaries of the stupid laws here in Singapore. Otherwise, it'll be a little too stressful to ride... Not sure about exhaust style & wheel sizes though, what difference would that make? Think I should keep those bi
  4. WoW dude! Thanks for being so honest! True reason for having a Harley is to ride distance... Cruise up north as far as possible... Not ride ECP and then to Starbucks... Hahahahaa! This is great! They ought to make this a LAW! It is true that I don't know yet what I want to ride. How could I? I don't even have my Class 2! Google has served the world well, me included! But sometimes, there's nothing like hearing things from actual Harley owners here in Singapore. Just part of my research. But will definitely take your advice to test ride my shortlisted bikes before making any deci
  5. Thanks for info mate! Ok, guess I can live with the vibrations part. Yes, the group I ride with are of the same opinion that jap tourers make the best touring machines, but they're not Harleys! Dyna huh? Thanks, but I find them a little too bland for my liking. Maybe a softtail or street bob I dunno! Anyways, I won't be in the market for a bike until late this year, so still have time to research. Just once a week and no problems low usage? Guess the myth is busted then! Haha! Thanks again for the info. Ride safe!
  6. Hey folks! Will finally be taking my Class 2 this June and thus end a 4 year journey to become a Harley owner! The reason I would like to ride a Harley is because of the freedom it represents, and as a form of rebellion against accepted norms, the choice of an alternate lifestyle. I would like to tour, in groups or solo it doesn't really matter, up north and perhaps beyond. It was always my opinion that Harleys were made to do this, i.e. cruise long distances, but as I learnt more about them, I realised that this isn't always the case! There are such a bewildering number of models to chose
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