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  1. m o t o w o r l d. euu can find there ish the carbon fibre and there ish also ermax one but some need to order wan..
  2. the auntie beauty lah! you never kena captivated one is it.
  3. obviously never watch speed before. but in your case, your bomb in your bike will detonate when you go over 90km/h. you better call keanu reeves. now he become ne0, even more power.
  4. k, went to take a closer look at the source of the white smoke. actually, there's an opium den in the exhaust. the small caltex techron people go there to relax when there's no work. the white smoke disappears after some time because they go back inside the engine to clean while it's running. so yup. thanks everyone!
  5. ok, in serious mode now. anyone regularly experience white smoke from the exhaust? i think it's vapour; only happens at night after fuelling up. starts about 5mins after fuel-up (cold engine), lasts for about 2mins, disappears after. just kinda weird because the night isn't particularly cold, & other bikes that i'm with don't have the fumes coming off. can't be anything to do with my a/f ratio right? since it's all tuned & optimised & everything. but i think it looks cool lah.
  6. yah can. gotta love the revo pipes man. beats undertail exhausts anytime.
  7. same sized tank, 16.5l. about 20-21 km/l for the GSR4, 17-18 km/l for the 600s.
  8. :lovestruck: :lovestruck: :lovestruck::lovestruck: not.
  9. wah. something against S4 is it. anyway, you're right. so a GSR is still streetfighter derived because it has a detuned gixxer engine (further small bored in the 400), and it's naked with an aggressive look. hah! still, let them be can? i still think it's up to the individual to customise their bike and call it what they like. thinking of putting my GSR through a diet. any ideas? Al or Mg rims would be nice but a bit out of the way right now. maybe the headlight will have to go, but must be replaced with something decent looking.
  10. lol. seriously, you win some & you lose some with both bikes. disadvantages: GSR - weight (+10kg) - slightly more expensive regular maintenance - spare parts backlog, GH won't bring in & sell to 400 owners - electronic parts, God forbid they breakdown - underseat 'storage' - if you get a box, you'll be outcast unless you can provide good lobangs to people here like swoosh S4 - old tech, carbs (some might argue it's better though) - not monoshock - looks maybe? - common, so a bit harder to be distinct - no cool undertail pipes to be honest, i got this bike for t
  11. oh yah. thanks. all bow to the great Wildcard. :bow:
  12. sorry. i got it wrong. it's actually Grandma's Slow Ride sincerest apologies.
  13. S4 is definitely better lah. - cheaper tires. - more easily available spare parts. - can customise a lot a lot. and of course. VTEC + SUPER liao. no fight oredi. anyway, GSR stands for Goddam Slow Ride. they wanted to call this the Suzuki Bicycle actually.
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