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  1. hi i tried to pm u but your inbox is full, i dun have a shop, i do online selling, all item are on the ad board, any question can feel free to give me a call at 94252691

  2. dinesh


    hey is any 1 playin god of war.... i tried searchin 4 it (usin torrnet) but all i found was the demo of the game... the latest is not out yet... tried lookin 4 the god of war 2 but cud not find it... any 1 has any clue abt where i can get tat game... thx alot...
  3. dude, i really feel sorry 4 u.... e least thing we cud do is, lets jus hope u get back ur ride.... t.c.
  4. hey pple jus wanted 2 know by wen can i know the prices of those vodka's u guys orderin... n is it possible 2 order the absolut vodka cnc costume national... tankzz
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