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  1. I totally agree. Many people get it coz of the looks only, but I really -hate- how it sounds! Which pipes sound nicer is very subjective to individual taste. I for one love the 49 states sound but it's not that loud compared to other pipes. It sits pretty quiet at idle but it's bassy and aggressive at revs. You can go Youtube and search some clips with the sounds of pipes on their Sporties... Best is to meet up personally and hear them yourself
  2. I heard it from them themselves.
  3. I know at least 3 HD guys who were slapped with the cashback fine prints. But before paying, first approach your constituency minister(s) and demand it to be turned over for your precious vote!
  4. Wow, congrats bro!!! How long and how much did the project cost you? I have been considering an upgrade like that for quite some time after first reading about it at xlf.
  5. ebay. It's K&N... KNN is short form for a Hokkien vulgarity. No cons at all, except maybe jealousy from stockers.
  6. Are you riding the black Elvira?
  7. Tried ebay? I just changed to Dunlop 404 on the rear.. Prefer the Dunlop treads. Made in Japan.. err bad timing i guess they're going out of stock for a while too.
  8. Quit riding? Why dont you just seek other options? The stealerships have a pretty lowbrow reputation almost in every country -_-
  9. With non-shortened rear shocks it should fit without problems, plenty of americans use it.
  10. Did you wet wrap it? Because it should be quite a frustrating job. I suggest just get Loctite by your side and take it off, for that extra-tight wrap.
  11. I'm still lookin for Sportster/Dyna's rear mag 13-spoke rims... Anyone got lobang please inform me at 9652 0132, I treat kopi too if you have time.
  12. LoL bro, get one off eBay. Mine flew off before too at Port Dickson. The after-market chrome ones fit like a glove and is cheaper than stock by more than half.
  13. hey thanks man...... Pray that its a good year for all of us ................

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