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  1. Hmm.. No idea,I only know bike bought from HDS comes with 4x servicing, PI offers their own in house servicing.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So far I know Looi's Motor do parallel import Harleys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ace Custom at 91 Defu Lane 10 #01-05 Swee Hin Bldg tel: 62886693 Tony. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Everyone got their own preference in their choice of bikes, so let's not get upset/angry about what others might say. Most importantly, the rider himself/herself loves the way their bike looks and performs, that would be enough to put a smile on their faces, everytime they ride. Afterall we all belong to H.O.G, it's the passion of riding that bring us here, so let's make peace and not war! Ride safe dear Harley riders!
  5. Yeah, HDS do provide rental services..
  6. Thanks for the info, I think if the speed is any faster, the petrol should finish faster.. haha.. Bcoz I was thinking whether to tour with my friends using a 48, seems like it's not really a good idea bcoz they will be averaging about 140-160.. I might have to bring extra tin of petrol in my bag should i ride with the 48. haha
  7. Hi dear 48 riders, anyone here tried going up north to Malacca, or KL/Genting or even further? Was wondering whether there is enough petrol kiosk along NSH for refuel..
  8. Hi to all Harley riders, juz wondering if a Harley's engine is hot for Singapore climate? I'm riding a 1000cc currently and the temperature sure shoots up fast at slow speed and traffic. Harley being a cruiser should be able to ride slow right, but how's the heat like in between ur legs? Anyone knows how much does a brand new entry level Harley cost?
  9. btw, is this ur first class 2 bike that u will be riding? think u need to get used to the heat though, it's very hot! lol
  10. think the wait is bcoz of the importing of the bike to Singapore.. but good stuff are worth the wait.. haha
  11. wow october, that's so far away, think i might go crazy if i were told to wait till october.. lol Anyway the ride is ok, so far so good, still running in so couldn't test much..
  12. yup, that was mine at Looi's.. lol what a cool colour u got there, when will u be getting ur bike?
  13. finally i collected my bike today from the shop.. currently running in.. ;p
  14. hmm.. so far no sign of battery leak for me, i also got no indicator to monitor so i will not know how much voltage i have.. could it be bcoz of all ur 'gadgets'?
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