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  1. 2014 srmax 300 stuttering at high speed. Like engine cut out and cut in. When slow down nothing happens. Anyone had such an experience? Could be so many possibilities.
  2. you can rent a bike with gps from Bangkok and ride anywhere you want. it will take 2 days to reach chiangmai and thereabouts elsewhere such as north east/west Thailand. you can also travel to mae hong song via chiangmai or give a hand helping to the boys trapped in the cave at mae sai )
  3. I have some used piaggio x9 scooter parts for sale. have put them up in carousell. some of these parts can be used on Aprilia, vespa or other piaggio models. you may watsapp me at 90906509. thx
  4. Going to scrap my scooter so some items salvaged for sale. Posted them in carousell. Kindly check by searching as Piaggio x9
  5. will be scraping my x9 evo 200 soon. hence will be removing some parts for sale. lookout for the sale in carousell and sb forum. x9 parts may suit some similar scooters such as Aprilia, vespa and piaggio of course. Those who want to reserve a part can watsapp me at 90906509. We will discuss and deal. Thx
  6. Sounds great. How many days u looking at? It's a nice place along the Chiang Mai loop.
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