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  1. Hey Adi,


    Nope, HID kits and Halo are not legal here in Singapore. Usually, wateva specs the bike comes wif, thats how it is suppose to be. For the lightings that is. =)

  2. dude,


    this is adi here from CBR 600 forum. Well had few clarifications which you might help me. I am back in US and was looking at parts to buy and not sure whether can use it in singapore.


    First one is the HID kit or the Halo lights. IS it legal? Then will ask more in the next couple of months hope you dont mind clearing my doubts or give me more information. Let me know anything you want from here.




  3. Davin Now no more organise outing?? Sianz leh... Organise 1 outing leh.... But not this weekend lah... I not in Singapore...
  4. So busy until cannot even post in here ah..... Dun burn pple's bike lah... Wait kana catch for arson than u noe.... But okie lah, he can claim insurance i'm sure...
  5. Hmmm... Songkran sounds fimiliar.... Issit the water festival in Thailand?? Feel like going but most prob i should be workin... Anyway, so long nv hear from u, MIA go where? Dun 1 ur free treat ah?? How's ur injuries now?
  6. Oh man.... Thats sad to hear... But as long as u are fine, thank god... All the bike stuffs just use money sure can get its look back just the way when u just got ur bike (i noe u just got ur bike)... But human... U can nv do that (touch wood)... As for engine casing, can always get a new 1... But as for fairings, if its not badly broken, just scratches and minor cracks, can go for MSF67's reccommendation... IMHO... Yeah bro... I just found out today.... Hahaha.... So coincident.... Was reading the bike magazine today at work... I think it was Dec's issue... Our own local bik
  7. Sure thing lah bro... Sure can join.... Can share share knowledge with newbies like me... Initially it was.... Than soon it becomes almost like a tok cok thread wif mostly CBR riders loh... But of coz we accept other riders to join in the chats lah... Wah... Power ah... Means he doesn't ride the bike on the road.... Just for track purposes?? Wah.... Not enuff slp must rider carefully ah.... Wait slp on track how??
  8. Hmmm... Its been quiet this few times...
  9. Think u can check out the bike's manual....
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