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  1. yeah, its been pouring, lets see how it goes if anyone here is open to meet new peeps
  2. hahaha in fact, usual or not. just meeting up new peeps thats all instead of the same group. Just expanding same passion friends
  3. Not sure if there are anyone who are interested to meet up and ride and makan. Just to meet other riders who loves riding and explore. No preferences on the classes of bikes. Male and/or female are welcome.
  4. hey no worries man, i just come here to see if i can meet up with ay similar riders cos its quite hard to see kymco k-xct 200i riders on the road..hows the bike doing aye?

  5. Hi, yup. Still riding. Very long didnt log in. Sorry for late reply

  6. dude, you still riding kymco k xct 200i?

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