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  1. I am letting go my hornet 919... 2 owners before me... mileage 240K km COE till 2024 H&B custom rack for panniers c/w junior flash 40L Rizoma racing footrest H&B top rack c/w gobi black box Penske rear sus modded w/ ohlins spring & stock remote reservoir Arrow titanium legal exhaust Galfer brake rotors Goodridge brake hoses Brembo 19x20 brake pump Can contact me @ 98477075
  2. Assalam tuan. Saya dari Malaysia. Berhajat nak ambil Hornet 900. Saya harap dapat tunjuk ajar dari tuan berkenaan motosikal ni, lebih2 lagi tentang parts. Terima kasih

  3. How long have you had your Hornet 900 and do you have any problems with it? Do you recommend this bike to friends who are interested?

  4. Hi,

    I am having a Hornet 900 too. I just want to make friend with you to share the same interesting on the hornet. I also want to know where to buy Hornet accessories.

  5. Mezzo... Its b4 motoworld ubi at carboncraft.. but its side mount.. only matris is top mount Rad mesh i got from godsendworx.. i think ard 40 wit the design.. Sent by RYKROS HTC DHD
  6. GD Afternoon from NTU ! Sent by RYKROS HTC DHD
  7. Gd Afternoon from NTU ! Sent by RYKROS HTC DHD
  8. Ape maksud service? Even boon siew will say chang the meter kalo rosak... Tapi kdg kdg cable or sensor yang rosak.. new full set meter wit casing is ard 500sgd.. cable is ard 100 or below... Sent by RYKROS HTC DHD
  9. Preload adjustable will be good.. compression n damping no required the setting will be done 1st.. Sent by RYKROS HTC DHD
  10. Not neccessary ebay.. rizoma parts can check out at http://www.pjparts.com.. base in the US.. or http://www.caprimoto.com.. i bought oem parts from http://www.parts-cycle.com b4... No finance yet to buy parts yet.. hahaha ! Sent by RYKROS HTC DHD
  11. Welcome ! Outing blom lagi ar.. semua cam bz gitu.. mau pertanyaan, tanye jer disini.. kalo tak ley pm sino74... Sent by RYKROS HTC DHD
  12. Thread senyap jer.. selamat tengahari semua... Sent by RYKROS HTC DHD
  13. Huh? U ask fauzi or choi? Matris damper have for h9.. worst senario order online? Online seems to be cheaper but its all abt the time.. Yup im using rizoma footrest.. rizoma footpeg cant fit on the oem footrest.. I think its m8.. all honda bikes thread all the same Sent by RYKROS HTC DHD
  14. Agenda: S4M Convoy for SBF Anniversary Hari: Sunday Haribulan: 16/01/2011 Masa: 1215h-1230h Lokasi: Cuscaden Road (Short road beside Hard Rock Singapore, Forum and Ming Arcade Cash Studio) Destinasi: [email protected] OPEN TO ALL !! TIDAK SEMESTINYE BELI SBF ANNIVERSARY PACK UTK JOIN CONVOY !! OK GO ! 01. rykros 02. ayie11 03. kit_kat 04. BioMoDiFIed 05. mamat07 06. daddy_fiesta 07. Nurwaty 08. JbAtRaCeR n JeDaH 09. ayimario 10. dEeldO Pending: 01. pyok (overseas) 02. rezasmess 03. Danny'29 04. Matbikerz84 05. izzo 06.
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