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  1. Back at BBDC to do my class 2 now
  2. Hi do you mind sharing your experience in BBDC for class 2A?

    Like your lesson intervel or schedule, when did you enrolled into bbdc and when did you pass your class 2A.

  3. Yea it's quite a good scooter, but unfortunately I got to let go due to personal reasons.
  4. Hi all, looking to sell away my scooter. New Pirelli Diablo scooter Tyres (less than 1000KM milleage). Forks and rear suspension and brake calipers have been serviced, and new brake pads. Brake rotors still in good condition, Changed new belts and rollers New EO and spark plug. Radiators has been flushed and filled with new coolant. No overheating issues, fan is working well. All services have receipts as proof. COE: 19 Jan 2022 Road tax: 19 Jan 2018 Link for more info!
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