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  1. may I know the name of the pretty lady in your pic?can give me her contact? I would like to invite her to be my pillon and ask her to give me some feekback on my new Joymax after the ride.:) Pls pm contact to me at Thank you.

  2. hey bro nice pic u have there, i believed her name is felicia LOL

  3. im aravin can u help me find a place where i can buy the front and back disc brake units including the hub,, as well as a front suspension set of a RXZ yamaha in singapore plz mail me at [email protected]

  4. Nice meeting wif you.

  5. this few weeks is the busy period for uni, pai seh..

  6. hey bro,bz wif tuition?


    no sessions nxt week?

  7. arsonist btw wing yap amk branch has a vtec2 with yss canister, can go take a look or pretend to test ride it:angel:
  8. omg 1400 for canister?? i thot last time it was retailing for 950??
  9. btw sbf got this guy called AD Rns his super 4 is damn pimped. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179743&highlight=bitubo
  10. logen this sunday amk s4 riders got outing. i maybe going. u can come also
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