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  1. this few weeks is the busy period for uni, pai seh..

  2. arsonist btw wing yap amk branch has a vtec2 with yss canister, can go take a look or pretend to test ride it:angel:
  3. omg 1400 for canister?? i thot last time it was retailing for 950??
  4. btw sbf got this guy called AD Rns his super 4 is damn pimped. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179743&highlight=bitubo
  5. logen this sunday amk s4 riders got outing. i maybe going. u can come also
  6. sometimes i really day dream too much during lectures:cheeky:
  7. hi eyra r u the guy that parks at yck community centre pavement? looks exactly like yours. everytime i see aprilia, i miss my old bike
  8. wad wud u guys do if u had $1 billion us dollar? I wud get a x1-r for market use s4 for transport ducati 1098 for track r1 to go to yishun dam r6 to go places without erp cbr600 to pillion pple a ktm400 for nursajaya track a van for transporting the bikes and a garage. send my self to usa for dyno tuning training get a dyno room with equipment trick part for all the bikes and full alphinestars suit.
  9. thomas wads your latest mod? im done with modding alrdy
  10. bro u got try cooling the pipe down with water? then the silencer wont expand.
  11. death i saw your old aprilia a couple of times along bke le. india guy.
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