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  1. Phantom 200 is a pretty bullet proof bike. Mine is almost reaching 200k km and still going strong. I can push it up to 130km/h with no problems. Engine overhaul is not necessary unless you see white smoke coming from your exhaust and excessive engine oil consumption. Phantom is known to burn some oil. Just be sure to change your oil on time and check/top up when necessary. A well lubricated engine goes a long way in ensuring the life of the engine.
  2. there is a screw at the bottom of the carb with a hose attached to it. try tightening it with a flat head screwdriver first. if it still doesnt work, its most probably the carb gasket is worn. should go get it changed.
  3. I only had experience in doing a valve adjustment and not replacement. Only main thing to note is that the engine should be cold overnight before adjustment. You would need a feeler gauge to adjust the valves. There isnt any service manual for the phantom on the net but i managed to source one for the tiger 200 which have the same engine. The valve clearance for the intake and exhaust valve is 0.10mm. Before you adjust the valves you have to turn your piston to top dead centre(compression stroke) using a socket on the left side of the engine cover. Only turn the engine anti-clockwise or else y
  4. You can try jump start the bike. With ignition on, kick the bike to 6th gear, clutch in and push the bike fast enough that you at a sprinting speed. Release the clutch and you can hear the bike starting up and quickly clutch in so the bike doesnt stall. Let the bike running for a while to let the battery recharge. Go for a few rounds around your estate maybe like 10 mins and it should be back to normal if the issue is the battery drained. Otherwise ride it to mechanic to get it checked.
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