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  1. 6 year old matt black tmax for quick sale at $8k.

    Under-utilised lately due to car commitments.

    Fully stock.

    Fully paid.


    Price negotiable if interested.

    WhatsApp or pm for more info @ 90666646

  2. Hi I just purchased new tmax last week. If u scroll last few pages got mention ac motors at kaki bukit area got tmax specialist. I also wanna accessorize my tmax once finish run in.. can't wait....

  3. Hi guys and gals,


    Are u ready???

    Have you checked your bike??

    Need servicing???

    Checked ur bike brakes??


    Change oil??

    If need change clutch cable???

    Need any extra light bulbs???


    Aiyah just think of anything that come to your mind and answer urself k?


    By the way remember we meet on Sunday 19th Oct 08 early morning @ 3am latest and leave as soon as I finish my morning talk.


    We should be reaching the thai border by 12 noon and clear the custom by 1.


    For newbies going in the first time to thailand, please bring log card copy, extra 2000 baht if bot second hand bike (in case the last owner go in and never export out the bike).


    Changed baht????Ringgit???? How much???? more the merrier so that I can have free BF, Lunch and Dinner....:thumb:


    Seriously, above S$200 to ringgit and around S$300 to baht and also bring extra S$300.00 if can for urgent matters.


    Please take down my number for urgent calls. Please sleep early on saturday night by latest 9pm and wake up at 2am...need morning call please let me know.


    My number 82686263


    Please post reply here as "noted" so that I know you have read this post. Thank you and keep well please.



  4. Can't agree with u more Derrick. Great bunch.. They made me feel comfortable right from the start. Bernard keep emphasizing on safety and that's what I really need from my inexperience factor.


    Yeah Derrick. I'm looking for riding pants and tights myself. Do update me when u are going.


    And I would also like to join encik Pat for his short trips if it favours my shift work off days.


    And Bernard and Joe, plz update on the new place we'll be staying in.. Would just like to google it up abit.


    I hope I get the names right by the time we go for the trip.


    And yes MC, can't wait to see ur butt.. :cheeky:

  5. To all going for the trip (Ko Samui & 3ncr),

    please confirm if you are available to meet up

    to fill up the registration form for the 3 ncr.


    Date: 8th Sept 08 "Monday"

    Time 8pm

    Place: Botak Jones Toa Payoh

    1. RSM & BD

    2. Encik pat

    3. Fallenangel

    4. Mordecai & Bite

    5. LanceR-Evo

    6. Kinwei

    7. Acapbiker





    12. Black

    13. Gr8White


    Those not able to make it, please suggest another date but must be before 15th Sept (closing date for registration).


    Please bring along a photocopy of your passport & Bike registration card.


    For the Passport yes the page with photo.


    As for the bike registration card or acknowledgement you have to go to OneMotoring



    Can't wait for the trip...

  6. Koh Samui Cum 3NCR(Surat Thani)


    Date : 19th October 08 to 25th October 08


    Day 1: 19th Oct Arrive Hatyai Stay a nite

    Day 2: 20th Oct Ride to Donsak take ferry to Koh Samui

    Day 3: 21st Oct Koh Samui

    Day 4: 22nd Oct Koh Samui

    Day 5: 23rd Oct Arrive Surat Thani

    Day 6: 24th Oct Surat Thani (3NCR)

    Day 7: 25th Oct Ride for Home Sweet Home

    Day 8: 26th Oct Rest at Home


    The above are tentative and subject to changes if there are better suggestions. Limited to Class 2A and above.


    Confirm List

    1. Angmohkia & Angmohbor (GS1200)

    2. Encik pat (Fazer6)

    3. Peck (FZ1)

    4. Larree (R6)

    5. kinwei (DRZ) Leave APPROVED!!!

    6. Mordecai1968 + Bite1968 V-Strom 1k Leave Approved

    7. Black(GS) Leave approval

    8. Acapbiker (deauville)...extreme newbie...





    Pending List

    1. Ramen71(Fjr) Interested pending leave approval

    2. Ramen71 fren(STX) Interested pending leave approval

    3. Gr8White + ?? Interested pending leave approval

    4. ahJap & gf ( s4 ) Interested pending

    5. Yahoo^Rider (VFR) Interested pending leave approval

    6. Fallenangel (FZ1) Interested pending leave approval





    Please list Bike riding for better planning. Thanks.

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