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  1. Hi bro sorry due to the virus, 10 pax rule, 1m social distance. Our rides are postpone. we will msg u once the rules are more relaxed.

    Take care and be safe.

  2. Up for Year 2020. If anyone interested to ride on Friday night, occasional sunday breakfast ride? do PM me.
  3. It 2019 already. Anyone staying here interested for Friday night local ride and sometimes sunday touch n go break fast jb ride? Do pm me.
  4. Wow it one year already since my last post! Feel free to pm me if you are interested to join us for ride, supper, jb rides etc.
  5. Wow it one year already since my last post! Feel free to pm me if you are interested to join us for ride, supper, jb rides etc.
  6. Congrats ~ See you on the road and be safe while riding~
  7. It is true that instructors hate student not going for revision before their assessment. I for one went for my lesson 7 without it and the instructor still actually point me out and say "why never go ? want to try luck issit ??" But still if you are confident, I would say go for it. I manage to pass the lesson 7 1st try somemore even though I know the instructor mark me already.
  8. Nice. Duke is good to prepare you for class 2A~
  9. Congrats! Well done. Ride safe on the road~ time for bike shopping!!
  10. Try whatever technique that you feel is more comfortable to hit the timing and remains on the plank. Blind spot checking must be slow while maintaining on course. Lesson 5 would be on the road. Book a night lesson for this if possible. Good luck~
  11. What you need is just more practice and you lack of confidence. seem to me that your plank is your weakness and some general riding. Keep going for your revision and keep attacking your weak stations. Good luck!
  12. Up for CNY 2019~ Anyone interested to join ride on Friday night, occasional JB? Do pm me~
  13. Up for Year 2019. If anyone interested to ride on Friday night, occasional JB rides, etc. Do pm me ~
  14. What you need is just more practice and time. Just renew your sch enrolment, PDL etc. You will get there just a matter of time. Good luck
  15. True TP test more focus on u. but be more confident in yourself! sometimes ride too slow is better than you ride fast and exceed speed limit and gotten immediate failure. Good luck for your TP and see you on the road soon. Remember to go for revision too!
  16. Don't be. just think of that you are not ready for the real road yet. if you only gotten 10 demerit points, it means you did it minus the bike stalled at the beginning. I rather you fail in your lessons than you fail in your TP because of your bike stalled.
  17. good job remember to go for your revision before lesson 7. then time for TP!
  18. U-turn technique is same like fig 8. look at where you want to go and u-turn with confident.
  19. Don't give up and I am glad to pass. strict is one reason, but I think they really want you to be stable on the road before moving on to next lesson. You all will get the license, it just a matter of time.
  20. If U Turn is not stable, try during circuit after pylon, do a u turn there to practice.
  21. Glad that you know your mistakes. Don't worry. you will get your licence sooner or later just a matter of time. Looking at your lessons taken, you are already better off than me already. personally my fig 8 lesson took 6 times... and then internal assessment I took 5 times and still fail in CDC. And the subsequently I change sch to SSDC.
  22. Which instructor? And then did he correct your mistakes. Kept repeating same mistakes for? RC build up your confidence but too much I agree is not good. Ask the instructors on your mistakes. I am sure they will be glad to demo or teach you during your RC.
  23. Try this, accelerate in gear 1 hard and fast and change to gear 2. It helps before entering in fig 8 and crank course and smoothness. Upon exiting out of fig 8, at the last bend before coming out, u already need to check for traffic there and if you see got vehicle, just prepare to stop. Good luck
  24. Don't worry fig 8 timing can't make just keep practice during revision. during your 3.2, remember just dun commit immediate mistake and know your test route and your should get through. Good Luck
  25. It applies regardless of classes, stop line must stop even if no traffic. I seen fellow learners fail their lesson, TP just because never stop at STOP Line. I think is after 3.2 lesson only then can book circuit revision? During 3.2 don't commit immediate failure, timing just nice will do. If in doubt of traffic, don't proceed. Get 2 points delay in moving off rather then you proceed and then get immediate failure for nearly causing accident. Good luck!
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