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  1. From the Straits Times.... http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/STIStory_755363.html I AM a proud owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and read recently that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has stepped up enforcement action against Harley bikes for modifications, especially the loud signature exhausts. While regulations are important, the LTA should communicate clearly on legal and unsanctioned modifications for premium motorcycles like Harley-Davidson or Ducati. It is frustrating to find out that enhanced options which are brought in by the manufacturers themselves are co
  2. Hi guys i'm new here. Just got my HD Night Rod Special. Hope to make some friendz here. Will post some decent shots of the bike soon. Cheers
  3. Honda Brings Dual Clutches to Motorcycles http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/autopia/2010/01/vfr1200f.jpg NEW YORK — The biggest news to come out of an otherwise lackluster New York Cycle World International Motorcycle Show was Honda’s announcement that the sculpted VFR1200F sport-touring motorcycle will come with an optional dual clutch transmission. Although the technology is becoming increasingly common in automobiles, this is the first time anyone’s bolted it onto a motorcycle. Putting a dual clutch gearbox on a motorcycle offers the same laundry list of benefits y
  4. bro some in r6 furom told me tat u hav scotts dampers on ur r606... whr can i buy one?

  5. Cos you switch bike... kekeke:cheeky:
  6. Don't let that worry you dude! I'm no faggot ok? Those who knows me will confirm it lah! kekeke
  7. Ideal is to have 3 types of bike!
  8. My other bike is a HD Sportster 1200 but i seldom ride it. Think i need to join the HD group & ride it more often. Any HD group ride?
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