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  1. Off the top of my head it sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome, but don't quote me on it. I think getting some wrist support should help, but if that doesn't get better, I think looking for some advice from a doctor would be best.
  2. I remember the government introducing the ARF in a bid to reduce COE prices and "control motorcycle population". The ARF is still in effect and look where we are now. What a joke.
  3. 100AM - There is a URA curbside coupon parking on Tras St itself, if you pay for the $20 concessionary season parking it would be free.
  4. I see, thanks for the advice. I've never used anything less than 98 for my 2B as well, so I guess no reason to change.
  5. Hmmm I see. I pumped 95 at shell and it's terrible. 98 works fine. But for Esso, Extra works well for me, compared to Supreme+ it actually feels better.
  6. Isn't Esso fuel named as Supreme+ 8000, Extra 5000 and Regular 2000 ? IIRC there isn't a RON number . Anyway thanks for the advice!
  7. As the question says. The manual for my 2010 R6 says to use Premium Unleaded Fuel only. Anyone knows what Octane level is it? Also, anyone knows what octane level correspond to each fuel type in Esso stations?
  8. I recently got a Yamaha R6 2010 version. It was precisely that I was reading the owner's manual that I decided to adjust the suspension I know that there are a few settings to adjust, but I just lacked the tools. Anyway thanks!
  9. Hi, I recently just got my class 2 sports bike but the previous owner had adjusted the springs to be extremely hard. Wondering where I can obtain the C-clamp / C-spanner to adjust the preload as well as some other tools to adjust the compression speed? Also anyone knows where I can buy a paddock stand?
  10. After riding for some 6 years, and passing my class 3 some time ago, I managed to get some considerable hours on the road as a driver doing parcel delivery as a side job. That's when I realized, it's actually not that hard to let motorcyclists pass or accommodate them when lane splitting .etc. In other words, I realized that drivers are even more of a prick for doing shit like cutting you off or signaling and turning immediately, and being accommodating to motorcyclists such as letting move ahead is not as troublesome or inconvenient as I thought (before I got the class 3). I also realized tha
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