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  1. all this things tat u mention doesnt worth to tat extend my bro!!!
  2. i think i rather u forget bout the 700+.. 5.5k for a wr is way too ex even with accesorries!!!! if u really want to buy a scram i can sell u mine.. for ???? but is sure more worth then getting the wr! the pic of my bike is in my siggy will inculde all accesorries..... plus a FMF fatty pipe not in pic*....
  3. hmm lay up the bike first... then put canvas put pad/disk lock.. lock key u keep bike key the buyer keep settle liao lor.. if scare then write agreement photostap each other i/c..
  4. nope power increase alot.... petrol oso increase by alot
  5. hehe since u already said it all guess drz will be in my list of bike to buy next.. but which model pretty unsure which will i go for.. prefer the E thou hehe.. but no harm trying motard thou...
  6. ani body use astar tech 3 before? wanna hear the reviews b4 buying
  7. great info! Go premix! u cant be wrong going premix.. not say i wad but the amount of money u spend on ur esso gold chip in a bit more or some is = for a much better 2T!! hehe
  8. can try some motor shops like chiong aik n holeshot racing.. they sell acerbis 2T bottles
  9. if budget can try the AXO boots from chiog aik.. cost bout 200... n have some good reviews bout it
  10. i would vote for sidi crossfire if i have the $$$ to buy new boots lar.. as the sole and everything is replaceable... but now since i m using OXTAR... and the sole only open after more then a year.. and had protect me from servals falls i would vote for oxtar..
  11. wa all want to show project bike arh.. hehehe... alan posted orange KTM... stingrhea posted white KTM... i must post black KTM! hehe when i first got the bike in oct/nov 06 http://img112.imageshack.us/img112/2959/1122630355lje9.jpg Should have adonise my frame at this time!! rebuilting the whole bike wasted! haiz..... http://img120.imageshack.us/img120/3397/image036vc5.jpg Fixing back the new engine.. inverted long fork new tag triple clamps.. hehe http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/5307/image040ik8.jpg ok nov 07 cant wait for the after market belly to arrive.. decided to hit
  12. hehehe,, sry ar bro.. this weekend n a few more weekends u got to ride urself... haha... hope to join u soon again... how u prefer tuas or tm?? hehe.. i prefer tuas,tm, nusa n guang...sry i abit greedy but i like all.. haha tuas need to pay lar... haha... nusa n guang more techniqal then tm.... hahaha..
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