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  1. I don't think BMW scooter selling in Africa.....
  2. Correct, the guy from UK (i think), I should put that in the note.
  3. News extract from BMW Scooter @ Google + Somebody did an 10k service and the items BMW changed.... Note: the guy is from UK, ignore the price.
  4. News extract from BMW Scooter @ Google + Drivetrain pix The right pix shows the CVT assembly - because it is connected to the crankshaft it is always turning when the engine is running. The left pix shows the clutch - connected by a cross shafts to the CVT - when the clutch engages it turns the gear at the transmission which pulls on the chain.
  5. First 1K service is free. Every 10K service is S$250~S$300 until you hit 40K which need to replace belt and some other parts, price unknown at the moment (nobody hit this figure yet).
  6. Manual did stated 750ml of gear oil inside this area, should be more than enough and from the photo, chain maintenance won't be an issue.
  7. Manual did stated 750ml of gear oil inside this area, should be enough.
  8. Somebody at "BMW Scooter @ Google +" removed the chain cover gasket to show us the internal part.
  9. New 2014 BMW Scooter Colors Announced News extract from webbikeworld.... Introduction (July 2013) BMW announced the availability of three new colors for the 2014 BMW C 650 GT scooters. The 2014 scooters are available for order and deliveries will commence in August of 2013. BMW C 650 GT As of model year 2014, the BMW C 650 GT will be available with the following altered range of options and new paint finishes: Central tunnel and filler cap in black grain (previously painted). New opening mechanism for filler cap. Instrument cover in black gloss. Swing arm cover in the paint finish N
  10. Only one legal pipe for this beemer, which is AKRAPOVIČ only at PML.
  11. You change i change lah,.... let's change together lol
  12. Where who????? I'm not selling at the moment
  13. What the Fxxx.... is this advertisement doing here.
  14. News extract from BMW Scooter @ Google + Luggage Rack (Top Bag Related) Recall in North America. Mmmm....... why nothing is done in here, PML must be sleeping
  15. News extract from BMW Scooter @ Google + GIVI wind shield..... who want to buy & try
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