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  1. Thankyou for you reporting of an posting of a obscene

    signature. Verbal warning have been sent to the member. SBF will not tolerate any posting/avater/signature which reflect sex rated picture.




  2. May i ask if i buy a 2nd hand bike at your side using my credit card, will there be any other charges ?

  3. Boss , member wanhaha request to join in sbf fazer, he is currently riding a fz6. Tks .

  4. Yo benny! Added u

  5. V-TeC, Your request is processing

  6. dreckker, processing....

  7. sadiqsabia,


    Processing your status.

  8. yo ali,i removed the (gathering of honda bikes) wording,is this what you want?

  9. Noted,will process your request.









  10. Sub forum in Naked Bike section is only for Fazers Currently ,FYI there's no diversion forum there.








  11. cool-clown, processing.....

  12. send u the details liao

  13. xsuicidalx,


    Processing already.

  14. punxr0ck, processing...

  15. Pmed u and yes i'ss open to members that holds a 2 A and above.

  16. hi spyke 981,msged u already

  17. Hi recycled2wheeler,preferbly Hougang.

  18. hi billyfigo,which helmet are u interested in..?

  19. okay,will keep a lookout

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