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  1. Yeah man. ride more think less.....
  2. ya la..... haven 10k liao poison me change tyre liao. i also looking at 10k tyre change. but must cut down on riding so fierce. i think i have been clocking mileage too aggressive
  3. to be honest. i dont really follow the owner's manual.. change tyre? Still got to go la. infact i told you before. stock tyre is gd lor.
  4. my mileage now is 7k liao less dan 2 months of collecting bike. who says cannot change mode on the go. close throttle and push the button la..... thats what i do all the time. No $$ buy crash bar
  5. hmmmm we be moving off midnight which means 17th June 00.00 haahaa sorry to confuse you guys. Archer- whats your see. 2 night at cameron?
  6. We will meet 1 of these days to discuss or at 2nd link tng
  7. 1) Bottlecap 2) Fz1s Hulk 3) aRcHeR 4) YenYu 5) Alyce 6) Gnesnah 7) ZZR600 ( Suzuki Burgman) 8) crazyboi 9) Hondawave There is a change of date to 16 - 19 September. We will be moving off from 15th (Thur night) Midnight and reaching cameron highlands on Fri morning. This will be a 3 days 2 night ride and we gonna take it slow. Archer recommends to stay 1 night a cameron highlands and 1 night at melaka.
  8. haha..... i love this bike and riding it to the max. will be going trailing next week liao. wonder how much i can do with this beast
  9. S mode is addictive. You would not want to turn back to T mode haha.
  10. Hmmm not sure wor. I remember hockie at 3.9k rpm was also very fast. In fact we manage to ride side by side at 130km
  11. Running in period 130km/hr lo. Archer where got hao lian? Haha.
  12. Introducing both legends Yenyu and fz1s hulk http://tapatalk.com/mu/7c9bc306-2975-dbf4.jpg
  13. Guys introducing the hero of fz16. http://tapatalk.com/mu/cb74168b-22b6-2e36.jpg
  14. Genting trip http://tapatalk.com/mu/cb74168b-20bf-514b.jpg Melaka trip http://tapatalk.com/mu/cb74168b-20e4-7c00.jpg The 2b legend http://tapatalk.com/mu/cb74168b-210b-c3d6.jpg
  15. Very nice meeting the sat morning group of BMW riders. I am the super tenere riders. Nice meeting u guys.
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