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  1. Hey, is there any legal Steed rider left in SG? Anyways, even if im alone: i passed the LTA inspection with OEM VLX600 exhaust! So the old native VLS 400 pipes are on sale.
  2. Hey man, I’ll go for LTA inspection the next week and will check this out. In the worst case I still keep the old original exhaust... Let's see..
  3. Hey there. Honestly I am not sure if a VLX 17" wheel would fit a TA200 fork.. Maybe guys who ride VLX's might suggest.
  4. Here I am the original 1999-make VLS in quite a good condition (I am the second owner), 99.6% stock. You may see some older photos on the previous page. Now it rides 2 inches lower and on new Metz tires. Not for sale though, haha.
  5. Hey there. I'm afraid you don't have much options. a) If you have a lot of spare time in 10am-5pm range on weekdays you may enjoy riding from one shop to another asking guys and uncles for the stuff you need. b) You may try Honda warehouse at Ubi, they may have some engine parts although I wouldn't hope -- all Steeds are discontinued long time ago. c) Go to eBay and order VLX parts from the US. d) For some not-critical parts you may try China-made stuff from AliExpress Sorry for a pessimistic message ))
  6. Hello Sprint74, Curious, if you can sell forward controls (pedals extension)... I would really like to try them on my springer ))
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