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  1. Hi,

    I’m selling off the following:

    1. A set of iPhone 5 (White) 32GB $415

    a. Working condition 10/10

    b. Physical condition 10/10

    c. Set comes in:

    • Full package with box less earpiece

    • 3M Privacy screen protector

    • Used phone cover

    • Mobile juice pack air (Used less than 5 times)

    • Phone warranty is already over

    • Add in $30 for brand new original Apple EarPods


    Definitely a better choice than buying at 2nd hand mobile shop. No regret guarantee! Buy with CONFIDENT! Dont have to waste your trip and view a phone that is not up to the standard as it is being described.

    Interested can call or whatsapp me at 812 77 two 3 two.


    Many thanks &

    Have a nice day =).

  2. Thank you for all the interest. Item sold to a nice & steady bro )
  3. No problem bro... but so sorry that i moved out early, and also sorry for the others that i cant find u all, mayb i need to equip my bike eith GPS system Okie when i'm free i will check it out...Thx Wah so expensive ah? Once fixed, cant afford to drop the bike anymore But these things need to order right? If that the case better buy PC3 like our friend Hahaha
  4. Thank God u got the slider... Anyway i heard for the brake lever can use Hayabusa cost $40, if the stock one $80... but for the clutch i'm not sure... or u wanna to try the aftermarket one eg. Titax I think this rattling sound has been discussed long time ago... if it is not from ur IU unit or engine guard, u still dont hav to worry... it will be gone after sometimes...
  5. Oh okie.. Cause my friend said theres 1 shop can do the tuning using a device, the shop located at Eunos... Dont know how true it is, so just check wif u guys... Anyway i heard last time Acesiew used K&N air filter then he sold it... Anyone using it on GSR4 now? Any feedback? Thanx a lot
  6. Guys wanna check wif u all, Any idea how EFI bike can be tuned if it is not using PC3? Any device involved? For those riding GSR4 and already changed ur air filter, did u all do tunning? Where and how much? Thank you very much
  7. hahah Of cause i have problems wif dat, theres people out there asking me whether both of u are really going to buy the Revo just by ur previous post... Anyway the batt is fined but i think its to early to tell since i dont hav a voltmeter to monitor it
  8. they wanna to buy Revo lah as mention earlier Anyway i think this is normal especially in S'pore, so no worries... They have their own reason; upgrade to bigger bike, downgrade to economical bike, change in lifestyle, change mode of transportation, buying a car etc Just like a mobile phone...
  9. Bro this BMW cannot hornlah... Its a special edition...
  10. Day: 15 Feb 2008 Time: 2100 Place: KKFC Agenda: Simple meetup for Acesiew's last GSR ride will see if there is any other activity after that drinks provided..... with some snacks.. come early to get a seat..... see you guys... Interested parties: 1. Acesiew 2. dickchingus 3. skateboy (pending) 4. GSR^00^ (pending) but will try e best to come 5. Just_Rider(will join u guys after "pai nian") around 2300~... 6. Murinus 7. Supersonic (will be late) 8. Misbs7
  11. Last time i did experienced this thing in the night time when the weather was cold or after rained... I guess it is normal... However if the white smoke is totally white then......JENGJENGJENG.... It might be the piston rings as what wildcard explained.... But if urs should be vapour, because GSR exhaust under the seat, maybe the day tym was rainning... so it produce light whitish smoke from ur exhaust
  12. Alamak bro, wat happen? Hope u will be able to overcome it with ease
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