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  1. Greetings...☺ Looking for fellow 690 owners for chatups and discussions.
  2. i do have dis frm my last ride, if ur referring to dis. msg me @ 97643501 to deal. Very big sorry to hijack e thread bros...
  3. im officially off frm dis thread. gudnite. adios farewell.
  4. yesterday cot T3... super heavy crowd. Robots actions were fantastic. dunno if FZ16 transform can become wat else? heheheh but im sure it'll b a Decepticon!! Anyone?
  5. mite consider ezzyoiler, noeing myself wudn't wan something i ardy have go to waste.
  6. e sweet lookin receptionist lady? Farhan... dun look so far. every mth go svc sure got discount.. can try asking @ HL. heheheh
  7. aft sometime lookin @ ur bike signature wif e side box, i kinda like it. it looks ravishing!!
  8. i won't be usin yama lube again... e cheapo one cos i feel e oil kinda heavy. can i noe riders here likes to use wat brand? (no nonsense brand pls)
  9. ezzy oiler just gravitates to e chain without control i assume. im not sure if e vacuum pull from our airbox is enough pull for lubrication wen usin scott. n dats e reason y i've not yet taken out e plastic mould thinghy connected to e airbox n to arso installed kanina filter. not direct to e carb. how bro BEN? can help me?
  10. by e way back to my question... abt scotoiler.. anyone can help?
  11. 3 mths period free svc den no more arh? jialat liao. as long as engine n wiring ok den nevermind la... sigh.
  12. farhan... im a gal like behaviour, meticulous, rides defensively n etc.... u wanna go riding togeher? heheheheheh....
  13. Congratulations bro! Wat colour did u get urs? Peeps here go to shops ard Lavender area for customise tank bra.
  14. its ok.. but did u pay any membership fee? sometimes walk carefully arso can trip mah..
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