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  1. The people who are "encouraging the coe process" are those who buy six/seven lux cars and use them as decorative items. I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything about motorcycling for the elites and dispatch* riders. I'm just saying the coe won't drop just because you're complaining. The world doesn't revolve around you. Nothing wrong with taking public transport if you can't afford a vehicle. But it's irritating if you keep complaining about it. The coe is there for a reason.
  2. Would recommend RC200, looks better than duke 200 >imo
  3. Not really about showing off. Just stating facts. Slave to the PAP system? Haha, go stay in Malaysia then. *edit* exchange rate high now. Can consider.
  4. I can afford it. If you can't, either 1: Migrate 2: Don't buy car/bike, take the bus and squeeze with other people 3: Don't buy HDB, stay under a bridge If you refuse to do any of the above, well don't complain.
  5. I've never heard of 900km run-ins. Just go slow for the first 1000km and you'll be fine.
  6. Police wear shorts in the past but now? One packet of rice costs 50c in the past but now? Although I agree that the coe is nonsense because vehicles in Singapore are much more expensive than other countries, how people use their money is still their choice. People will always buy cars, no matter how much the coe is. Same for bikes, and even HDBs. I just got a new 2B bike for 15k, gonna get a new 2A and new 2. Problem?
  7. If you're only interested in street bikes I would recommend FZ16. If you don't mind getting a sports bike, R15V2. (No, not working for Yamaha Just love their products.)
  8. Yamaha R15V2 Like: Turns heads Fairly good petrol consumption (400km / tank) Good handling extreme sports seating position Dislike: Not enough power for a 2b bike. Misc: Got me in love with yamaha -
  9. Loved sportbikes from the start. There are three ways to keep your rain gear that I know about. 1) Some sportbikes have underseat storage, not big, but not shabby either. (R15V1) 2) Bicycle hook / cargo net, tied to pillion seat. So far I haven't had a case of stolen raincoats. 3) Tank bag, either get a good one and carry it with you after you park, or get a cheap one and leave it on the bike. I've left it on my bike a few times and it hasn't got stolen yet. *edit* Helmet can always hang at the pillion seat, looks cool too.
  10. No wifi still can reply sms right haha. Got no reply whatsoever from you.
  11. It has stopped production. So don't have new R125s anymore. Old ones maybe not many people selling?
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