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  1. fc around 22/l, never really keep track but my fuel invoice write that amount. my eo change every 4k. my second hand r3 buy feb this year for 12.8k coe ending feb 2026, so i buy that time around 1 year old.
  2. always check back away from kerb, so if there is kerb on right side, check back left, if not is check back right. if turning left and you are first bike, check back right, then check left blindspot. if you are second/third bike, check back right, once you reach turning point then check left blindspot. if you are turning right, check back right before moving off will suffice, dont need check right blindspot, because when you are checking back right, you already check your blindspot liao. hope this helps, just passed my tp last week at cdc hehehe, went for revisions like crazy
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