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  1. wads your mileage? valve clearance done?
  2. lol like sperm!! i tried maxima is good too, but it dun last long
  3. Thursday nite seems like a good day too!!!a holiday eve and since the invitation had been made n accepted. BUT, whichever party who wanna back out, its still not too late...he/she can choose carry on the typing n typing n typing n typing n typing n typing n typing n typing....................omg its really getting stale
  4. guess we can all know the results pretty well, no need to waste the petrol n time............. but if really wanna test it out, by all means!!! shall we make it this Friday nite? That is 3 days to prep the bike n rider(if needed) if not, its getting boring, 3 pages of posts and NO ACTION!!! Let The Good Times Roll
  5. one of the nicest number plate around
  6. bike not fast enuff, can even do a true 289...............sad
  7. Hi, raymod told me that you might be interested in a a pair of BT56. I am selling a new pair of it, for $250.


    contact me at 81680388 if you are interested. cheers!

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