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  1. Hi everyone, im thinking of changing the suspensions for my super cub, but think need to remove the stock chain guard. Is that legal in Singapore? Also, any recommendation for workshops where i can get this done? thanks all!
  2. Im looking to buy a brand new super cub 125. any recommendations on which dealer? I looked at wing yap and Mah, theres some price difference but not quite sure whats the difference about.
  3. Hi guys just got my first vespa, anyone knows where to service vespa?
  4. Hi is ur vespa still available? im interested!

  5. Hi is ur lx10 still available? if it is what price are u intending to sell it? and also the coe is till when?
  6. looking to buy second hand px150 at around $5000 budget. coe at least till 2019, please whatsapp me at 83990243!! Thanks alot~
  7. looking to buy a second hand px150, budget $5000, COE at least till 2019.. Please whatsapp me 823990243!! thanks alot!
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