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  1. Seldom ride my bike now because of the rainy weather in the past month and also current month. Family nags me to take public transport for safety everytime it rains haha
  2. Do you have a picture of it unfolded? Thanks.
  3. I also went through the same thing when transitioning from riding my phantom to a super 4 in SSDC last year. Unfortunately, best advice is to keep practicing...
  4. Heavy rain these past few days again... have to take BMW (bus walk MRT)
  5. The only place I know of that allows test rides is DirtWheel, which sells KTM bikes. I test rode Duke 200 and RC 200 last year with my friend. He ended up buying a Duke 200 after the test ride.
  6. Found the post about completing in 3 weeks here: http://sgbikerboy.com/2017/01/24/passed-my-class-2a-license-test/
  7. You can only book 1 prac lesson at a time so once you enrol, you will only be able to book prac 1. Availability (in Feb) was around 2 weeks later then you have slot. This means that if you enrol in SSDC 2A on 15 june, most likely prac 1 lesson will be available to book around 28 June. If you pass, then can book prac 2 which is also around 2 weeks later. If you pass prac 2 then you should be able to book prac 3 which is around a few days later. Pass prac 3 then TP test should be around 2-2.5 weeks later. I think if you want to complete by 25 July, probably have to go BBDC. I saw somewhere th
  8. TP test at SSDC only in the mornings and only on weekdays.
  9. Answered in the SSDC 2A (2016) thread
  10. Just completed 2A at SSDC. I started in Feb this year. Once enrolled, you can start booking prac 1. Note that you can only book 1 practical lesson at a time. I only do night lessons as I'm working so for prac 1 and 2 (night which is the either 610 or 820pm) usually need to wait about 2 weeks+ for the next availability. Prac 3 has much more slots as its the evaluation and shared lesson with the 2B riders. Usually can book the next one in a few days if you have to repeat. For theory, just look at the timetable from SSDC's website and turn up for class, no need to book. Once prac 3 an
  11. Yeah, was thinking of getting new bike but not going to donate any more money to those fat pigs in white. Just have to look around more for reliable used bikes.
  12. Yes, you need to find threads to post in to get your 50. Like this one
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