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  1. Looking for a 2a bike that's reliable and service friendly. If got good FC, even better. Does the CB400x fit the bill?
  2. Any bros here can share more about this bike? Would like to know the rough average maintenance costs yearly. Would it cost the same as say a Honda/yamaha scooter or more? Since its an ang moh bike?
  3. OK guys I've finally got it after clearing the confusion with 2 instructors over the course of pract 7. CDC instructors' answer: Check backs - When to check left / right? 1) If moving off beside kerb or chevron marking, always check back the other way. E.g. if kerb or chevron marking is on your right, always check back left and vice versa. 2) If moving off beside normal lane markings (single, broken lines etc..), always check back right. Simple. 3) With regards to checking back left if turning left from stationary - not sure about this. Will have to check with instructor a
  4. I do understand the difference. What I am not sure of is for e.g. when to checkback right or left?
  5. Bro Samick, as I understand it (thanks to my confusing instructors) blindspot checking is not just for turning and filtering. You also need to check them before moving off as vehicles or pedestrians from your blindspots may suddenly appear in front of you as you move off. Is this correct?
  6. Yes agreed - except when it causes you demerit points cos one instructor cannot agree with another (yes it happened at CDC!), then you have to really be careful. Read my posting above for a better example of what I mean by blindspots and such can fail me.
  7. Thanks IKM but I need a bit more detail then that like for e.g. -When exactly to signal before turning into a junction? I remember my instructor said like 3 secs or 3 car lengths before the junction? Cos if signal too early or too late will deduct points. -When moving off and turning left from junction, sometimes must checkback right, sometimes must checkback left? Why so confusing? So exactly when do you check left or right? -When moving off a slope, one instructor told me just do your checkback and go. No need check blindspot? Another said must check blindspot as well? Again, sibei
  8. Wha like that also cannot! Now then I know. Thanks bro Genius for pointing that out.
  9. Wha seh! Just what I have been looking for! Bro Genuis, can a non BBDC member walk in and buy the book? If not can I buy the book from you?
  10. Does the practical book spell out which blind spot to check, when to check back right or left? when exactly to signal etc? Cos CDC no such book available? At my stage, I am still confused about when to check what, and I have a class 3 lic and have been driving for more then 10 years wtf! Last time when taking class 3 no such stringent checks de. And I notice different instructors sometimes tell you different things?? Other than this my circuit no probs. So I think the only thing that would fail me would be blindspots and such.
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