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  1. manage to dig out this old thread . I was quoted $100 to repair the faded LCD display for my spec 2 . Any one got lobang to do it at lower price .
  2. yeah , you are correct . The reason why i fixed that is because i do not the pillion rider to rest the shoe on their exhaust pipe . If the bike were to drop , slider is unlikely to protect the top end of the exhaust pipe .
  3. it did it for ard $30 (can't remember) . The slider is custom made. i am attaching a picture of the slider near the end can. This picture is taken from equipment extreme but it is similar to my bike slider.
  4. I've checked the S4 component price list and it seen that most of the shops are selling this cable with installation for $60-70 range. Personally a cable for $65 is really expensive. Where did u do it for $35? Care to share it with us . btw , i own a spec II bike
  5. I have it replaced for $65. I do not need to rev more than 3k in order to move off however when i move off i can feel that there is not enough power and the engine is very jerky.
  6. yeah .. since the problem only resurface after you have repair your bike , u should go straight to the shop to iron out this problem .
  7. i have this problem since i bought my bike 1.5 year ago. The problem is solved recently after one of the cable connected to the throttle is replaced. I think that cable should be throttle cable.
  8. I think a crash guard is better as compare to slider . I have 1 slider on the right side near the rear seat foot rest .
  9. Ask yourself this question . Do you like vehicle behind you to switch on their high beam so that they can be make known of their presence.
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