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  1. Apoc

    Kawasaki Vulcan S

    Did u manage to get the Vulcan S. I just got hooked on the looks and will participate in option #1.
  2. Hi is your SW still for sale?

    May i have some details on it as i am interested in the 400cc 1.

  3. Reg date 2009.

    Can text me at 94503034.

  4. Bro, i have a red st 200, FBD plate.

    You interested?

  5. I know!! Kit's friend right!
  6. IRON HORSE POLO-T!!! (Only for Iron Horse) 1) Retro 2) Ah Fai 52) Yongster 4) candyys 5) Hanzi24 (Auto-Add) 6) MiSSyNic 7) J73 8) Wait for me 9) Anfarky 10) kOpi_jaC (PINK PLS) :dot:
  7. Oh i remembered what i wanted to post. Club Nana is coming up with a section that is china girls instead of thai one. Shall we check it out when its up?
  8. **** i wanted to post something but i forgot.
  9. Apoc

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    Not personal lah. Neh Neh you. Where got chance to blind me. I always behind. Want see your tail light also cant lor.
  10. HAHAHAH face wall and mast! Eh xiaozhu i really at home hor. See i can post!
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