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  1. I do have detailed breakdown, but why would you need it? If you really want your Class 2A, just go and do it. If you really want to see it, PM me.
  2. Enrolled 3 Nov 15. Passed TP 30 Nov 15. 3 lessons, can clear in 3 days (if 1 lesson per day). TP waiting time every 2 weeks. If you lucky, 2 weeks (you can refresh everyday to see if got slots). If not, 4 weeks.
  3. Yes possible. I took 3 weeks. Lesson intervals are short, i.e. if you fail your practical, you can HIGHLY likely attend another practical on the same day. Only 3 practicals - 2 normal lessons + 1 evaluation. Enrolled 3 Nov, started first lesson on 7 Nov and passed 30 Nov first attempt.
  4. Yep! BBDC for 2B! Just enrolled for 2A last week at BBDC after not riding for a year since EFR! Surprisingly, passed my 1.01. Going for 2.02 tomorrow!
  5. I spent $962.04, all peak hour lessons. Only had to repeat 2 practicals (2.01 and 5.01). Took 3 SP, 1 RR and 1 RC. I went two lessons per week. My duration was around 3 months and 21 days, enrolled 14 Jul 15, ended 3 Nov 15. The nearest TP was 1.5 months away (which I took), so I took evenly spread out classes - 3 SP, 1 RR and 1 RC - while waiting. Passed first attempt.
  6. No worries! I passed my TP on first attempt on 3 Nov earlier this week. I wish you the best in your 2B journey! Be safe, ride safe - even in circuit.
  7. Hi @colinwk I passed 8.01 on first attempt and I concur with @Genius that indeed you have to do your checks slower. This is because sometimes the instructors may not be focusing on you and may be distracted. By the time the instructor look at you, you could have finished performing your checks, and thus be awarded those demerits. For lane changing, I think it is more accurate to say after turn left, there is a merging lane (signal, check mirror and check blind spot before merging) then you are currently in lane 3. Then from 3-2 and 2-1 as per what Genius said above. Be sure that when you
  8. Genius is correct and I can confirm this as I am still learning (no, actually waiting for TP hehe). Different instructors tell tell you different things can be a good thing. It can give you a wider perspective on the things you learn in your lessons. I will use my experience as example. One of the earlier lessons is about right turn from minor road to main road. That particular lesson, my instructor only briefly explained the things we need to know. It is very basic information, like cut and paste from the practical book. Then, fast forward to my pillion riding practical, the instructor
  9. All the best, keep learning, keep reflecting, stay humble and eventually we will get there! Jiayou!
  10. For BBDC learners, I would strongly recommend that you read the practical book given by BBDC. It is very informative, and going for your lessons prepared is always better than going there and don't know what to expect. I guess it is up to the discipline and attitude of the learner to do this.
  11. Haha... Haven't la! Don't know whether want to buy bike or not leh cause currently driving. Took up 2B for the fun of it.
  12. But if all else fails, you can always ask here! The only practical I had to repeat a second time was the slope one (practical 2.01)! I was having a bad flu that day then it rained also, couldn't concentrate well in lesson. The other practicals all cleared on first attempt! Now just waiting for my TP on 3 Nov hehe! Probably gonna start scheduling some Self Practice sessions already!
  13. Hi, I am at BBDC! But waiting for TP! Which stage are you at now?
  14. I'm not any expert, haha. In fact, I haven't taken my TP hehehe - it is scheduled for 3 Nov! Below are my input and I hope that help you. As a rule of thumb, the only time you should apply the half clutch technique is only when you are engaged in gear 1. And if you do the half clutch technique correctly, there shouldn't be any jerking forward. For the purposes of TP, you can overtake that car (especially relevant for public road). But chances are, there won't be that many cars during your TP. Just remember, however, that the failure to overtake a slow moving vehicle may (actually will) caus
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