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  1. Hehe sorry for late reply, never see the notification number until u told me about it. Hmm I dun think any snr will come to post on my forum to have a group of riders I guess? Hehe.... When u get ur license?

  2. my contact number is 96380958. Then we can meet up for riding and create whatapp group see got any Snr wan to join us.

  3. I learned my 2B license from BBDC. Passed on 5th December 2014. The instructors there are awesome. I failed each subjects n got to repeat many times before I can passed n proceed to the new subject. Highest so far I failed in a subject was 7 times.... So, even though u failed many time, no worries, keep practicing n one day ur skill will be so much better by the time u completed everything. Was asking around if is there anybody that has a group of bikers that hang out frequently so I can practice going around with my bike? Hehe....
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