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  1. Bro u still interested in my nexus 500,will give you good price if you are interested.

  2. Hi bros. anyone went for the dialogue session @ yishun yest? Any feedbacks on regards to harley bikes accessories/mods. Legal or illegal. What can be done n whats not.
  3. helmet boys da try...drg tk amek masok ram 3 lagik...cume ade ram 4 jek...thankx3...

  4. can also try "octane gear" in fb as well. confirm ade jual arai ram 3.

  5. sini ade org jual. helmetboys tk try? mesti ade nye. ram 3 ade byk design skarang. kat fb pon ade byk offer ram 3. gi fb, check helmetboys.com nye fb page.




    try tny ade plain arai ram 3 tak. ard that price leh dapat.

  6. bro u state arai ram 3 ccan get for $500+... Where to get it..? Tried going to chiap lee and ask but they said now they neva bring in ram 3 animore..only ram 4..any particular shop to get it...

  7. Boss, any package for normal servicing of fz1s 07? just wanna change engine oil n filter.

  8. hi Boss, do u have flippable clutch lever only the clutch lever for fz1s 2nd gen 06 above version? if u have, how much? i just need the clutch lever. somethin like this:



  9. sorry didn't see ur msg,haha i know u sent damn along ago...i got my boxes at mtechnik but not recommended,rain that time the water always go in,damn bad.mtechnik also say they dunno what to do,rack can customize from seng kwang..damn ex though

  10. welcome to the dark side hahahaha

  11. s4 da jual bro..skarang bawak fz1s

  12. aiseh.. 82225214.. hang maseh bwk s4 ka?

  13. eh wat, aku lupe save no kau kat iphone aku. nnt kasi aku no kau k? mane tau nk isi minyak kat jb ke..bole tag along..

  14. hey bro,sorry for late reply,i seldom check this forum ah,haha it costerd around $1300 for everything,the boxes and the custom rack welded at seng kwang,i bought the rack and boxes from M-Technik,then brought it down together with my bike to seng kwang for them to measure and customise the rack before fitting on,costed total around $1300.

  15. u still active in sbf?

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