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  1. eh what happen to the xr125 thread? its gone?!

  2. yaw dude..where u disappear sia. nugget,sure got gf already rite..forget bout all of us! i lost my hp a few mnths back.beep me when u read this,playa!

  3. jyeah!come this nov..i'll be with my wr4 for 3 yrs already. say hi to razi for me!


    siao star-hahaas,no waaaay...!that fugly plate will destroy my headlight design,heh

  4. WR4?? u must be 1 of the 16 or 11 WR4s...

  5. dont forget to put ur front number plate..later kena saman again..haha !

  6. juz set the time n date.. N i`ll b there.. :p

  7. hiyah..u wait for her answer ah.it'll be 10 yrs later esp since she doesnt wanna FIX HER BLOODY COMPUTER.


    dats an XR4 SM. no need to thank me deelz :D

  8. she's probably too busy admiring her new bike.so let me answer that. fuel consumption is excellent ..last time i could clock 300 km before it hits reserved. maintainence is simple.juz change engine oil (1 bottle only) every mnth. dats all dude.now go get it!

  9. wat the?! sorry,me only speak french.lol. wen are we hitting the track miss deelz?!

  10. argh.. gi buang arh moto tu!! huahuahua

  11. get an off road bike first.enjoy trailings and stuff then once u have yr 2a,get a motard and enjoy the tarmac. best of both worlds.
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