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  1. My turn tmr night.. So you on me boh?? Vynie support vehicle.. Rem to take number tag to put your pouch in his box..
  2. http://www.sp12.com/Verkleidungsteile/Verkleidung00_01/Oberteil_2000_01/Oberteil2000_01.jpg
  3. U went Sen house liao? If not yet jio jio all the bros go leh..
  4. Hey is Suix still hang out here? I think i saw him today but not sure. Suix are you in a lion dance troop?
  5. Oh 868 is bought by one of my fren.. He is one happy owner. The bike is in good condition. No la, if really really get a harley then one of my bike gotta go.. If not vely the siong ah..
  6. Was wondering why you are here mah.. Actually I might get a harley to ride in the near future.. Balls getting smaller as age catching up, maybe cruzer is next. haha.
  7. Bro where is your FJR? You got another Sportster?? btw I saw a gal riding a Sportster last nite at GP Esso.. Not sure if she is in this forum. U know gals on Harley? My 12R frens are like keep staring non-stop... lol
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