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  1. hahaha no wonder you complained you are unable to use the yoshi damn
  2. Yeah saw his seat concept seat posts on FB. Not for me either but to each individual. Damn you got the brembo caliper upgrades. How much does that cost you? So I believe you also have done the Hot Cams upgrade right? Hahaha
  3. 169cm. My seat was modified to be thicker/higher so currently I’m tiptoeing. My guess is that if I were to use the original seat, my ball of my feet should touch the ground at least? Might be getting another seat since hands still itchy hahaha After you installed the lowering links, how is it for you? Did you install just the lowering links or the adjustable one? I bought my lowering links online. Don’t feel like getting the adjustable one since I want it to be lowered. Did you change any of the brake rotor? I came across Arashi. Cheaper alternative braking disc. Heard some good revi
  4. Yes so gonna keep telling myself that yoshi is too common for my own liking so I will lose interest to buy it hahaha Where did you service your bikes? Perhaps you could ask Raptor for advice/service if you have not? I also wanted to do a top overhaul on mine initially since I had no records of the bike previous servicing or whatsoever and the bike is more than 10 years already. Upon checking with Angelo, it seems that the previous owner(s) also did not service at Raptor. Angelo helped to check the compression, my bike’s PSI was surprisingly the same as a top overhauled one (disclaimer: he
  5. Mine comes with a Remus endcan. I grew to like it more each day cos it’s not common (If I’m not wrong, no Remus was mentioned since page 1 hah) and it will make a similar sound to a house lizard whenever the air propulsion is irregular haha
  6. Yes apparently so from what I gather from the previous posts (finally caught up reading page 1 to now). Luckily for me, mine is K8 model but to spend on a yoshi full system now....
  7. airbox panex fasteners Putting the link here in case anyone’s fasteners are missing. Don’t know if anyone has posted it before. I’m only halfway through reading this thread haha at 40+ pages
  8. Yeah saw the FAQ. Good job. Still helpful after all these years
  9. O yes! Just sent her to $ervice at Raptor the other day. I had no records of what mod, what service, receipts or whatsoever so bossman Raptor had to do his triage assessment on her. Stripped and checked. Got to know interesting details about my bike and DRZ more in general. Got a Raptor “health booklet” card. So far so good! Still catching up this 100+ pages of info!
  10. Future owner of a Zee Sad to see this thread is no longer active but glad to see previous discussion, tips and tricks here!
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