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  1. Stainless steel. For all 10km, every oil change you have this amount of metal shavings? I don’t know if it’s normal but after 90km/h, bike starts to vibrate vigorously. Quite worrying/got paranoid after finding out the possibilities of having metal shavings of that amount during oil change. Was advised by many including Raptor, bearings gave way already but no one knows which. One guy told me if it’s gold coloured shavings = crankshaft rod bearings and this is still relatively ok for the time being. Either way I’m still f*cked la cos it’s like a time bomb hah
  2. Did you managed to do full overhaul? If yes how much is it? I found f**king metal shavings during my EO change TWICE...
  3. Definitely ship from Japan. Ordered 3 times from them. The less bulkier orders which were delivered by air will have a tracking number from Japan post. Sea delivery would take about 40 days. Tried before once for just 1 iridium spark plug last time hahahahah Yup shorter shipping time compared to ordering stuffs from US. Haven’t order from other Japan sites so I can’t compare on that. Shipping cost is still relatively on a higher side so in order to make my shipping charges worth it, got to order a few items at one go. Site is definitely poison with accessories haha
  4. Just sharing. I get my OEM stuff here if Chong Aik/your workshops doesn't have them https://www.webike.sg/ I would use partzilla for reference number but you must remove the “-“ before searching at webike https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/motorcycle/2008/dr-z400sm
  5. Good info thanks for sharing! Yes looks good just like the original colour too. Strange tho that it would feel sticky. Didn’t thought it would be Regarding the fuel, yes you can use 92 but normally people would use 95 though based on the earlier ancient posts from this thread haha
  6. Yes just did some reading on it. Managed to source out the relay but still don’t know if changing to LED signal lights is ok for inspection. Just want to double confirm. Yeah my previous bike DR125SM had a LED tail light, passed also. Trying not to have unnecessary stress haha
  7. Has anyone use DRC LED signal lights and pass inspection?
  8. I don’t think so since it’s a fork protector? Haha
  9. I just got this. Fits the lower front fork snuggly. You may get another pair and cut to fit the upper fork. SG$ 13.91 9% Off | Front Fork Protector Shock Absorber Guard Wrap Cover Skin For Motorcycle Motocross Pit Dirt Bike YZF250 CRF250 CRF450 Universal https://a.aliexpress.com/_mrjlWtl
  10. And yes we are late in this game hahah but better late than never!
  11. So sayang man hahah I’m looking for hot cams 2 upgrade if you don’t mind selling them separately, let me know (testing) hahaha
  12. How much does vinyl wrapping cost for forks? Is it 100ish? Saw this on Ali SG$ 41.06 | CARBON FIBER FORK GUARDS WRAPS Protectors For Suzuki DR-Z400SM 2004-2017 250SB 2002-2006 Full Carbon Upper and Lower https://a.aliexpress.com/_mKq0YQf You might be interested. I believe aesthetics wise can get items from here/taobao etc if cheap. Strictly just aesthetics though unless there are people have vouch for their performance related items like sprocket and stuffs like arashi brake discs. Else it will cause more problems just like the one Raptor shared on his FB. Read one of the comments:
  13. Wait why?? Hahah Sorry no idea. I did however just did a rough search on thumpertalk and here’s what I found. I guess it shouldn’t be too worrying? Maybe keep light coating it with fork oil/wd40 after every wash? https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1141822-bad-corrosion-on-front-forks-dangerous/
  14. hahaha no wonder you complained you are unable to use the yoshi damn
  15. Yeah saw his seat concept seat posts on FB. Not for me either but to each individual. Damn you got the brembo caliper upgrades. How much does that cost you? So I believe you also have done the Hot Cams upgrade right? Hahaha
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