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  1. Selling my bike coe till 30 sep 2024. Bike in good condition. Price 6k.. price nego.. contact me at 83224429
  2. Bike in good condition.. coe till 30 sep 2024.. selling at 6k.. proce nego.. fuel consumption ard 35 km/l.
  3. Selling my bike... Coe till nov 2019.. 15litre petrol 600km and above before reserve.. Exterior wise Bike condition not dat good.. Chain and battery need to be replace. Bike come with kick start.. Fbe xxxu.. Bike come with 3 digit plate.. Price nego.. Plss state price. Contact me at 83224429
  4. Hello apit87, I saw your following post at #4111



    May I know do you have problem with your GTS since you got the bike so far?

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