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  1. Bike back on sale. Bike returned from a friend who is riding temporarily.
  2. Selling a 2015 Gilera ST200. Bike is fully paid, buyer source for reloan if needed. Selling price is $7500, negotiable. Reason for selling is to fund another purchase. Mileage: 16000 ++ COE: Aug 2025 Road Tax: Aug 2018 Comes with: New IU Arrow Exhaust B37 BLADE TECH Top Box Contact me at 97824941 to deal. Pictures will be sent through watsapp. Thanks!
  3. haha! can ... but doesn't fit well ... luckily i service the bike before any major damage is done ...
  4. maybe it's your piston and piston ring. ask your mech to check for you. the same thing happen to me, very hard to start, even choke. so i ask the mechanic to check, he open up, inside is a RXK piston. that moment, i know i kena bluff already. so he changed for me SP piston, now my bike easy to start. i bought the bike from a private seller by the way ...
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