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  1. Bring passport! Wahahah!
  2. Well done Bro John! You can notify SPF as a "witness" here: http://www.police.gov.sg/iwitness "Dear SPF, I witnessed a motorcycle, FBE3067M on the rear of a van on (date and time) at (approximate location). I hope this is a normal motorcycle tow case. But just in case the motorcycle was reported missing, I hope that this information can be valuable to the bike owner and your investigations. Thank you." This way, if the owner had made a "lost vehicle" report - which he will have to do to claim insurance, SPF will have additional details to follow up. But like what Mr Biker mentioned
  3. What other "new developments" are you referring to?
  4. Good luck, and most importantly, RIDE SAFE! Anyway, while I understand the appeal of the location of CDC (heck, I live 10mins away from CDC), have you considered the LOOOOOOONG waiting time for TP test at CDC? When I was considering my 2B lessons, I enquired at all 3 schools and I recalled CDC had the most "unreasonably long" completion time due to the waiting time there. Take for example, if you needed to book for your Basic Theory Test and Riding Theory Test, here are the available dates as of today (03Feb): BBDC: 20Feb and 15Feb SSDC: 10Feb and 17Feb CDC: 07Mar and 10Mar (?????)
  5. Yes. http://www.thaiembassy.sg/visa-matters-/-consular/who-requires-visa/summary-of-countries-and-territories-entitled-for-visa-exe
  6. Errr... I just rode up to KL this morning. Lol!
  7. Wow! Jupiter modified to look like an Aprilia sport bike?? Lol!
  8. Ride safe! To point 4, I found that riding in Singapore actually makes alot more economical sense as compared to driving - (comparatively) cheap COE, low road tax, cheap parking. Will have to be at the mercy of the weather though.
  9. If you're traveling from the South to the North of Thailand, you shouldn't even have to go through Bangkok.
  10. 1. Yes you can. 2. Check your insurance policy wording. Most policies do cover West Malaysia. 3. Keep wife happy.
  11. Hello Bikeyroo. Aww... Thank you for the very kind words. That is so nice of you. Glad you're enjoying my ramblings. =P

  12. I've read what you wrote in your blog. Very interesting indeed. Firstly I must congragulate you on your standard of English. Excellent . I could not find any grammatical errors at all. You blog portrays you as someone who is humble, tactful, helpful, sociable and intelligent. Well done. Hope to meet you one day.

  13. Hey! If you happen to be read this here, don't be rude and just walk away. Click on the "Add Friend" button! There's not many things I like to collect, but I sure like collecting friends! =)

  14. I suspect that you've never driven or ridden a motorcycle before? Yes, it's a little sensitive the first time you feel the throttle.... But don't worry - you'll get used to it eventually!
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