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  1. No one have the cb250n? Is it called the superdream or superhawk?
  2. Hi bros. Im getting a cb250n soon. Any ideas where can i get the bike inspected like carbs tuning n engine.
  3. Hi guys, how much wud a m796 second hand wud cause? Is minerva selling second hand bikes?
  4. mr william the sealant for the coolant can keep how long? wanna bring it for my touring trip just in case cost going for very long distance trip.btw guys anyone knoe how much or roughly the cost to mod a header at sengkwang?
  5. Not sure if im able to join, if i can fri i will udate the list
  6. thks for the welcome..i have been reading the forum before i decided to buy the version r.. i was so called cheated didnt know the difference between the r and s until i bought the bike and my fren told me it was the r.. i wanted the s bcoz of the brembo.. then i when i bought the bike i was wondering why it dint came with the brembo tot it was remove by the ex owner unti it a fren pointedit to me..i seen u guys doin the grounding seems to be good.. how much to get it done?
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