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  1. I bought sp cause it's rare. And i know it will be exp in terms of maintainence. We will never know everything. We are always learning
  2. Bike in cp for 2 months liao by to rebuild soon. Anyone has a reccomend mech in sing ? Besides bayi planet or project ?
  3. Hmm bro don't mind me asking but why do you say that ? Only problem is I can't sell my bike now because it's still under COI until October this year.
  4. Cool! Are they normal when it comes to 2 stroke or do the mechs have a speacility in it ? Sorry for the dumb question if it is....
  5. That day riding suddenly engine die. Stop at road side try to kick start at first, but can't. Push go car park try kicking again now the kick start lever can't even go down. Few of my friends say piston jam with block that's why can't even kick. Definitely need to do top overhaul liao. But I want to diagnose the exact issue and rough price for repair. In order to do that must tow to workshop, open engine let mech check then tow back home (cause I can't start repair now,no money) hoping you guys can help me out here. And also I've got no mech in sg. Always do top service at bapok but now engine
  6. Bro mind sharing which mech in sg you frequent ?
  7. Haha why bro ? You bought how much ? I think he offered 15 cause I was looking for motul then don't have
  8. The uncle offer me $15 that time
  9. That time ah boy no motul so I bought belray. Honestly the ride about the same la. But belray will smell like plastic burning. Maybe you'll feel abit different. Don't have the same 'smooth' ride when you use belray compared to motul. But that's just your mind. Cause it's too used to motul liao.
  10. So that would mean that top and full servicing is the same ? Does that also include cleaning of air filter ? Anyways thank you for the clarifications!
  11. Hello fellow riders. Very quick question. Can someone just explain to me the difference between 'normal servicing' 'top servicing' 'Full servicing' 'top overhaul' and 'full overhaul' I have the general idea of it through word of mouth by friends. But it would be great if I can get other people's advice and perception of it. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi bro ive been roaming this forum for the past month or so and from what i see is that you have some knowledge when it comes to bikes. i was just wondering if you could tell me on the things that i have to look out for when purchasing a second hand bike ? Im going down to view a Honda Nsr Sp150 maybe tomorrow or on Saturday. Also do you have any reviews about Albert Motor Supply ? i would really appreciate if you would reply me with some tips man. Thanks in advance. Nonetheless you can visit the thread i started about this topic. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/458581-The-Start-of-my-riding-life?p=8355590#post8355590

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