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  1. You need to do intermittent e-braking (simulate ABS) so as to prevent locking. For most bikes, the distribution of braking between front and rear should be heavily geared towards the front, e.g. 80/20 or 70/30. Rear wheels tend to lock easily for some reason.
  2. That's the only one in the area with per entry... most of the buildings in the area have like $1/hour parking for bikes. Ridiculous.
  3. Maybe it's your family practice to discuss this type of thing but the way I see it, it's your decision. It's like trying to convince anti-gay people on pro-gay stances; it's pointless. Just live your life your way; if people take their distance because of this then so be it. I especially dislike parents who still have an invisible umbilical cord attached to their children's lives. If your relationship with your parents are like that, you might wanna consider finally "growing" up and cutting this cord off.
  4. Going by SSDC standard it should be within 1 week (if lucky) and 2 weeks if not so lucky. Definitely much better than BBDC and CDC. I passed L1 last Tuesday (1st attempt) and am going for L2 this Sunday. There was another slot before this but it was on a weekday so yeah... ~1 week is standard here.
  5. They should really gut speculation on bike COEs by either requiring bidder to only resell at LTA price or requiring higher refundable deposit (say, $2000). If the COE is registered straight away to an actual person then no deposit is required.
  6. Have been riding a 2013 carb Pulsar 200 NS for 13 months: 1) Availability of accessories (crash bars, body kit, etc) - Crash bars available - Body kits non-existent - Rear box mounts available most places - Everything else is pretty rare; I changed my handlebar after great effort of self-research 2) Repair and maintenance cost (spare parts) - Only Universal has parts - All other shops in SG buy from them so don't bother, just go to Universal - Very cheap though, regular maintenance-EO change about $28, spark plug $10, air filter $10 3) Build quality and comfort - Build q
  7. Wah eagle eye sia you... but now that I see it that's a really weird valuation; how can 400cc be valued higher than 750cc? Is it because CB400X is way more popular in SG so they wanna tok more? They not collecting protection money, they are saying 1000cc bikes are "luxury goods"... so it's like your food stall doing well so you get another stall to expand (e.g. zi char). Then business damn good a few years later you end up leasing 5 stalls. The landlord come and see liao lao nua, "Wah you earn so much, I will charge you luxury rental". If they want to penalise multiple COE hogg
  8. Pretty sure you can because I asked and used full face when I was learning at SSDC a year ago. Just ask the instructor next time. When going up, throttle a bit more. A lot of people are afraid of going up fast and end up going up slow and wobbling -> higher probability of falling off Eye point: Far ahead. Half-clutch and throttle: Throttle until you can hear the engine but keep clutch at "slow but engaged" spot. Going too fast: Use rear brake if going too fast or clutch in a little. Posture: Knees gripping tank, shoulders and elbows loose, core tight. If you're nervous,
  9. Found this from iantan's post on this matter: https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/ltaweb/corp/PublicationsResearch/files/FactsandFigures/M041-MC_OMV.pdf 2B bikes are left untouched, fortunately. For 1000cc all of them have OMV above 10k so expect huge increase in prices for them.
  10. I'm learning class 3 manual so I can say the vibrations for bike at biting point are relatively negligible compared to a car's. Car one is like a lion growling whereas the bike is like a cat's meow As for tips, I have a thread from my experience at SSDC: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/460117-SSDC-Class-2B-Experience-2015
  11. Already spent 1k... TP on 18 Apr. Just don't give up, take it as life lesson fees lol
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